The Top 20 Movie Theaters in the World

You won’t encounter any whiny kids or text-happy teens at this subterranean cinema – the first theater in the state of Washington to allow patrons to wash down their movies with a handcrafted cocktail, which can be ordered at the lounge and bar area ahead of showtime, or requested to be delivered to your seat during the feature (the timing is up to you). But that’s not the only thing that makes Big Picture great. Though the venue is intimate – seating less than 100 people – its amenities, like stadium seating and rockers, make it seem like a multiplex. Even if it is a single theater located below a steakhouse.
Why It Stands Out: With its 21-plus admission policy, a night at the movies can (finally) be an adults-only affair.

Click to read Men’s Journal article (Published 2014)

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